About Me

I'm an energetic, highly motivated engineer that loves to work in companies that push the limits of a more personalized, interactive video experience. All eyes are on the video industry now. I want to make sure I'm part of the spearhead of the industry, encouraging innovation that provides value to the consumer's video-centric life.

I thrive on learning new things. I love expanding my breadth of knowledge, applying my experience from other domains to contribute to my current occupation. Most of my experience has been in the online video space, where I've touched all viewer-facing products. This primarily includes features like advertising/monetization, user interface, video rendering, read-only APIs, mobile web optimization, content protection/DRM, and native mobile library development.

I'm constantly intrigued by personal and organizational improvement. There is no perfect engineer or company, but the drive to get there gets me up every morning. I continuously work to improve myself, ensuring that no matter where I am there is someone for me to look up to. I also focus my efforts into optimizing my team, to make sure engineers like me can do what we do best, at the fastest velocity possible.

Outside of engineering itself, I'm facinated in by independent content creation - The workflows for the Live and VOD creation pipeline, the ways creators monetize and market their content, the way creators interact with their viewers and supporters, native advertising, ad sales, crowdsourced funding (Subscriptions, Patreon, Kickstarters, etc.) are all emerging subjects in the indie creator scene. Most of my personal projects revolve around these areas. I also have a video creation/streaming setup that I've used for woodworking, gaming, and dance content. All of this can be found on their separate platforms, either in my Portfolio or in my Contacts.

Work Experience

Current: Ooyala Inc.

Santa Clara, CA

Engineering Manager

September 2016 - Present

  • Directly managing 3 engineers, while continuing to contribute to projects and provide cultural leadership to Playback as a whole
  • Defined clear expectations for team, while building plans for growth and targeted goals for each individual
  • Architected, managed, and contributed to the following engineering products:
    • Download to Own with DRM for Android and iOS SDKs
    • Fairplay and Widevine DRM playback support
    • Completed and open-sourced our Native Skin, a cross-platform react-native UI for the Ooyala Player
    • Deployed Cocoapods and Maven dependency management artifacts for easier third-party development

Staff Software Engineer

February 2015 - September 2016 (1 year 8 months)

  • Helped scale the Playback from 3 engineers to the 15+ in 4 different teams
  • Provided technical and cultural leadership to the entire Playback Organization
  • Jumpstarted Engineering-wide initiatives, in the form of cross-team Tech Lead roundtables and lunchtime tech talk viewings
  • Architected, managed, and contributed to the following engineering products:
    • Chromecast integration for all Ooyala customers
    • Revised library package build process
    • ExoPlayer video playback on Android
    • TVOS SDK/App development
    • android-sample-apps and ios-sample-apps repositories for enhanced developer experience
    • Adobe Analytics, Nielsen, and NPAW integrations for both platforms

Technical Lead

May 2014 - February 2015 (10 months)

On top of all existing duties as a Senior/Staff SWE:

  • Kept all the gears running smoothly within the Playback Apps team
  • Acted as ScrumMaster for the team, scheduling sprints, pushing ticket completion, and tracking velocity
  • Managed tasks and planning for a team of 5 engineers

Senior Software Engineer

October 2013 - May 2014 (8 months)

  • Single-source for all native Android and iOS knowledge
  • Led all Native SDK projects during this time, including
    • Playready DRM Video Playback on Android and iOS
    • Architected and maintained Hook, a Native Media Playback application
    • Video Ad Integration with Third Party Ad Managers (Freewheel and IMA)
    • Architected Ad Manager Plugin framework to enable arbitrary ad integrations to be built
  • Drove major changes to Playback's JIRA workflows and story management
  • Hired, mentored, and ramped a team of 5 engineers

Software Engineer

August 2012 - October 2013 (1 year 3 months)

  • Part of the Playback Team, providing an industry-leading consumer experience
  • Developed a video platform that spans over all screens - Desktop, Mobile and TV
  • Led impactful features that provided huge value to the company's product, including:
    • Content Provider-based login and authorization with Adobe Pass
    • Third party HLS video playback integration into Android Native SDK
    • Video playback integration with Twitter when a customer page is linked


Los Angeles, CA

Software Developer Engineer Intern

Summer 2011

  • Worked on the Ads and Video team to develop the Ad Sharing feature


Redmond, WA

Software Developer Engineer Intern

Summer 2010

  • Part of Windows 8 User Experience/Core Experience Evolved

Deutsche Bank

New York, NY

Platform Developer Engineer Intern

Summer 2009

  • Developed a prototype software platform for workflow automation


Proficient in:

  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • Javascript
  • Go
  • MySQL
  • DynamoDB

Comfortable in:

  • Ruby
  • ActionScript
  • Bash-fu
  • LaTeX
  • C/C++

Frameworks/Environments Used

  • Rails
  • Node.js
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • React Native
  • Elastic Beanstalk (+Docker)
  • Heroku

Other Skills

  • Git
  • JIRA Agile Management
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Open Broadcaster Software
  • UX Research Experience
  • League of Legends
  • Super Smash Bros (Wii U)
  • Overwatch



  • Ooyala 2013 Hackathon Overall Winner: Hack Attack
  • Ooyala 2014 Hackathon Honorable Mention: Tick Tock

Non-engineering related

  • Ooyala's 2015 Lip Sync Competition Judge's Choice Winner
  • Ooyala 2016 Peer Applause award: Customer Focus


Carnegie Mellon University

Graduated May 2012

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Double Major in Human-Computer Interaction

Minor in Communication Design

GPA: 3.24

Personal Projects

For the sake of resume length, I have all of my personal projects on my website with explanations. I'm very proud of my latest few. Please take a look! http//