Google Domains with Heroku and DDNS (Permalink)

6/15/2018, 6:5:25 AM

In an effort to better "brand" myself, I decided change a whole bunch of things about my online presence

  • I started posting on Instagram & Twitter.
  • I created new assets for my website and other platforms.
  • I got a new domain:

I used Google Domains this time, instead of Godaddy, and the change is pretty dramatic. Not only is the price cheaper, but it comes with free domain privacy (which godaddy charges $8) and Dynamic DNS service.

A short recap of what I needed to do to get Heroku + Google Domains to play nice.

  • Specify a new custom domain in Heroku (
  • Get the DNS target from Heroku and put it in as a CNAME for in Google Domain's custom resource records
  • Because Heroku and DNS A-Records don't play nice, I can't use directly; and need to add a 301 permanent redirect from to

Those steps got to redirect here. Everything is now the same as

But hold up - I see that Google Domains has "Dynamic DNS" as an option in their DNS settings.

2016 Management/Self Retrospective (Permalink)

1/21/2017, 10:17:52 AM

In order to better myself, I'm trying to keep written notes of my progress as an engineer and manager. The goal is to write about lessons I've learned, skills i've gained, or observations i've made so far, and build on that year after year. I wrote my first entry of this series in my github. Please take a look! If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.